About Alli Pluim

Hi I’m Alli, an American-city-girl turned Canadian-farmer’s-wife, learning daily how God’s plans for me are far and above anything than I could have dreamed for myself- even if they look a little (OK a lot!) different than “my” plans. Grateful to still be learning how to love well the patient farmer after 16 years, and blessed beyond measure to mother and school two amazing, delightful girls and my sweet baby boy from Ethiopia.

I love to learn, create and be surrounded by beauty in the little things. I am an interior designer by trade but keep trying to hang up that hat in order to live intentionally in this season, to slow and be present, to serve and to love whomever happens to be at the farm! Oh- there is that little bit about being a recovering food addict… but I’m sure we’ll have time for that later! I love to share life with others so thanks for being willing to open a bit of yourself up as you take a bit from me.

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